Radio Faceplate

Finally getting around to completing the center console change from a few weeks back.

The last piece is the faceplate for the radio / seatbelt light / rear defogger light that will tuck into the center console. I did a quick engineering drawing in PDF that i hope can help others if they need a custom faceplate. It has a cut out for the radio, as well as cut outs and tangs for the seatbelt / rear defogger lights. The tangs will be bent inwards so they can hold each light housing firmly in place.

Here’s the Center console faceplate for a Datsun 280z in PDF if you need it.

2 Replies to “Radio Faceplate”

  1. Your site and build up are great,
    the 280 face plate needs the height measurements width is good, and how do you measure for radio opening what measurements? do you use center point?

    1. Thanks for the comment Matt! Actually, i found the template needs a slight adjustment depending on the fit of center console – a 1/16″ has to be taken off on all dimensions. I based the radio opening off the Sony aftermarket radio that was put in from the previous owner. I figured since that’s a fairly standardized part, the dimensions should be universal should i want to put in another head unit. Not sure what you mean by center point, but after measuring the dimensions of the radio, i just centered it on the face plate. Cheers!

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