Datsun B210

Spotted a rare Datsun B210 the other day (aren’t most Datsun’s rare?) Looks like a daily – pics speak for themselves. Secretly hoping the other was gonna pop out from wherever they were shopping an have a 2 car meet-up haha







Forgot to mention I got my first wave the other day! A black 350z spyder pulls up to my right on highway 101, paces, and gave a big ‘ol smile and wave! Haha it felt great!

And just today, another Z (240-280) drives up to my left on 101 and the guy literally stuck his head back between the seats to give a big smile and wave – super fun feeling!

Can’t wait for more!
Here’s a pic from the other night at Stabucks – old and new. Since getting the 280z, I’ve been parking next to everything from 280zx’s, 350z’s, 370z’s but yet to find another 240z-280z to park next to – certainly at the MSA event!! In another ~152 days!