Happy Datsun New Years!

*breaths in* … Jan 1st!

Smells like a new year! With only a few months on, the 280z’s path is becoming clearer. This year is going to be a wonderful challenge as both time and $$ are great factors – wedding, life, you know, the usual!

Let me tell you straight up, i love Jetblue – that DirectTV is great… especially when you’ve got the Speed channel replaying the last Barrett-Jackson auctions! Dad and I started watching in the morning, then I continued all throughout the flight, and it wrapped up as we landed. **salivating** Every car across that stage is amazing – so much to gawk at: Malibus, 442s, 350s, Stingrays, shiny and matte finishes, wood, metal – incredible. What’s great too are all the ideas you get for restoring / modifying your car! Yep, the Datsun’s definitely got something to aspire to.

ImageThis year, the goal is to get both the exterior and interior done up:
EXTERIOR – 920 Gold Poly; black undercarridge
INTERIOR – 240z reminiscent w/ a strong ode to the Vox amps of the 50’s/60’s

… or Black with the Fender tweed interior (as it’d be much more recognizable.. oy!

Well just a short post today – Happy New Years
Can’t wait to work on some mock ups for this – it’s gonna be great!

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