New Digs – Part 2: New Shoes

Well as they say, New Shirt… New Shoes!

You may have seen the “New Shirt” poll for the 280z’s new paint (which will finish at the end of the month), but with a new paint job, how can you not have new rims?! right?… right?

Current situation:
Tires: Front tires are worn, cracking, need to be replaced. Rear tires are new, excellent tread.
Wheels: Original Nissan “Iron Cross” wheels, 14×6, zero offset, 4×114.3 bolt pattern

I could rock those for a bit… or taste these!

Rota RB-R, 16×8, +4mm offset, Matte Black

They’ve got great style like the retro Panasport or Watanabe wheels without the cost. And off an 1″ more width than the Konig Rewinds. Yep you read my mind: Bad Ass.

As for the right rubber, I’ll probably be running 205/55-16 to help keep the overall tire diameter / circumference the same (wouldn’t want my mileage / speed to be off).

It’s been interesting to read all the forums and learn about what wheels sizes to choose and what offset means.
Here’s a few good resources for that: Wheel Calculator, Wheel Offset

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3 responses to “New Digs – Part 2: New Shoes

  • Rene

    Nice wheels i am also planning to get new rims.Do you know if with +4mm offset the wheels stick out of the body or not.


    • justinyee

      Thanks Rene! It really depends on the width of the tire as well. I did a bit of research (ClassicZCar forums) and with an 8″ width, +4mm offset fits on a stock setup. I was looking at getting 16×8 Rota RB-R wheels and many have done it successfully with 16×8 +4mm. Hope that helps!

  • New Digs – Part 3: New Shoes: Final « the DAILY DATSUN

    […] Back in January (whoa), i was talkin about some new wheels, which would ultimately mean new tires. Well, I’ve decided to keep the Nissan 280zx Iron Cross wheels on, and just go w/ new rubber. It was certainly the right timing because the two fronts were going bald like racing slicks, rain is coming down, and…it was Christmas. Yep, Mom and Dad got me new tires! woohoo! :] […]

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