Junk Datsun – Surprise!

Wouldn’t you know it – someone else thinks the Datsun 280z is a junker.

Well according to a flyer posted on my car this morning… :]



But rest easy, EVERY CAR GOT THEM! haha

One Reply to “Junk Datsun – Surprise!”

  1. I was attending a J.Lohr winery’s (San Jose and Paso Robles) announcement of their very first release of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from a newly purchased property (6 years ago… new in the winery industry) in Highland Bench located in the Salinas Valley when I was surprised to see a card on my windshield from DailyDatsun.com. Very cool site for all of us “Z” fans and enthusiasts. Previously I owned a 300Z Twin Turbo for ten years before buying my 2003 350Z you see pictured. I bought it when it was first delivered to the dealerships in earlier November. All the best to all of you. I’ll see you on the road………….

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