“New Shirt” Poll Results!

The results are in! The results are in!

Since the beginning of the year, I had a poll out for the new color of the 280z. Which one will it be: a mean looking Datsun in Gunmetal Grey? A stunning White 280z? Or that Classic Gold yellow/orange (Datsun paint code #920) that keeps the 280z in it’s time? Click on the results to find out!

<a href=”http://polldaddy.com/poll/5809302/”>NEW SHIRT: what color should the 280z be painted?</a><br/><br /> <span style=”font:9px;”>(<a href=”http://www.polldaddy.com”>polls</a>)</span><br />And the winner is GOLD POLY! LOoooooove that yellow color – like sunrise or sunset. Well it was a super close one! With a total of 15 votes: 6 went to Gold, 5 went to White, and 4 went to Grey! It really just says that all these colors are fabulous!

Datsun 240z

Speaking of which there’s actually a gold/yellow ’76 280z on Craigslist right now!
Looks to be of good running order with a nice amount of fixes / upgrades (5-speed, new fuel pump, Magnaflow exhaust..). Best of all though it presumably has LOW miles: 51k! And a good price too… hmm…. Even with it’s “bad” issues (some rust, gas gauge off, no interior) i would’ve have hesitated: $1700 for the color I want equates to nothing if i sell my current 280z… If only it had the old school blue CA plates!


And get this: he was going to paint it primer black because he didn’t like the yellow! Imagine that…

[Edit, 07.21.12: Colbydc5 used to own the 240z pictured above, and noted a link to the original post. Thanks!]

3 Replies to ““New Shirt” Poll Results!”

  1. Hi Justin, the picture of the Z at the “road closed” sign is mine, I’m not sure where you found it, I can only assume from my blog (hungry4horsepower) or from my photobucket account.

    I don’t mind your reposting my photos, but if you do please link back to where you found it.

    It was originally attached to this article: http://hungry4horsepower.wordpress.com/2011/10/26/it-all-ends-with-z/

    I’d appreciate it. Anyway good luck with your own build, I absolutely love classic Zs and this color even more. In my mind there’s no better color on a Z, period.

    I should correct myself in saying the car is mine, I used to own it and sold it earlier this year due to finances. I miss that car like none other. I want to pick up another early model Z later on but it sucks that 920 gold is next to impossible to find, and I’ll probably have to repaint the car regardless, in addition to restoration.

    1. Thanks colby – actually i found it on Google Images re-posted from another site. I’ve added your link. Too bad the car isn’t yours any more, but i’m sure the new owner is happy and proud!

  2. Thanks for the link back, Justin. Yeah, I’ve seen my old Z here and there floating around on the web in several places. I should have watermarked the picture at least. I don’t mind people using the photo, I’d just like to be credited for the shots / car. I really took pride in it, and had it not been for financial issues at the time, I’d never have sold it, I’m determined to get another down the road, I miss that car all the time.

    The new owner was well off enough to complete the restoration I began, though I’m not sure if it’s all done yet or not. I’d love to see it once again sometime when it’s finished but the car’s not even in the US anymore, so the chance of that is slim.

    Anyway good luck with the rest of your build. I’ll keep an eye out for your car at any Datsun functions, maybe I’ll run into you sometime (I think you’re in the bay area, from the looks of your blog, I am as well).

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