i ❤ datsuns

Happy Valentine’s to all car lovers and their Datsuns!

I had the pleasure of sharing that love of the Z car with my fiancee last week when it was the first time she had ever drove in the 280z! She’d been rightfully reluctant as it’s not in the greatest of conditions and a fair amount of embarrassment that resembled my brother’s 69 ’72 Datsun 510. You know, to everyone else, cars are hard to appreciate when old and unkempt. Sigh ~ Your girl and your ride – what can be more spectacular?! Needless to say, she’s the one who’s pushing me to get that interior done and (along w/ my parents) to get the gold poly paint done. haha! So for all of the 280z’s advances, you have her to thank.

Cheers to you and your car!

2 Replies to “i ❤ datsuns”

  1. Wow. I thought I was being left beihnd. I finally found about 6 HakoSuka a couple weeks ago at Walmart right after it appeared they got a new shipment (rack as full). I chose two of the best ones for myself and a third for a friend. Now on the lookout for the BRE 510 (I have a few of the regular ones) and the Kenmeri.

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