Just take the wheel and steer!

Guess what just popped in recently? A new steering wheel!

Well, of course not a new one, but a original 240z series 1 steering wheel from a ’70 240z.

My current wheel is the stock 280z type, foam padded (as most foam of 35 yrs, it’s deteriorating) with a vinyl aftermarket cover… nice.
But that’s all about to change.

The 240z steering wheel has a thinner handle, slotted spokes and yes.. wood grain!
I haven’t deciphered yet whether it’s REAL wood, but it’s gonna look great regardless.
I’ll certainly re-spray the spokes in black, but I’d really like to re-finishing the handle in a dark black stain (but light enough to show off that grain).

240z steering wheel - DailyDatsun.com

And to top it off, I was able to find this on eBay for 1/2 the normal price of a used 240z wheel!

240z steering wheel close up - DailyDatsun.com


Now to make a shift knob to match..


3 Replies to “Just take the wheel and steer!”

  1. Hi, I just came across this post as I am restoring a 240z wheel I just recently picked up from ebay. Reading into it I found the wheel to be a plastic /wood composite. Did you end up making the shift knob to match? What wood and stain did you use? I have thoughts of a matching knob and ebrake handle. Maybe replacing the wood veneer on the door of a 280 to match. Thanks, your work looks really good.

    1. Hi Quetzal! Glad you found the site! And i hope it’s useful for you. Unfortunately, I haven’t made a shift knob to match yet, but I’ve been getting into wood working the last year (built a great table over the course of many months), and I think I’ll take a crack at the shift knob once more! Great idea to extend the look to the door panel and e-brake handle as well!

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