Datsun brand relaunch?

It’s been the buzz of all the Datsun / Nissan forums out there: News of Nissan possibly bringing back the Datsun brand!

Datsun logo -

In a nutshell, if anything transpires at all, it’ll be for emerging markets like China, India and Brazil (read: non-US), and be a low-cost, sub-brand (ouch). This is probably just market research at best, and since Nissan is so prevalent around the globe already, it’s hard to think why they would want to revive (*taint*) the Datsun brand. Though as Nissan pushes upward (like Toyota / VW), if it’s to compete against the success of Toyota’s young Scion brand, that reason alone just may do it.

There’s tons of articles on Datsun coming back so i’ll leave you with those:

thanks Dana for giving me the heads up on the news!

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