Gas Flap Repair

There’s a rubber flap that’s attached to the car just under the gas opening used to protect the car from accidental spillage.

35 yrs and one cold morning later, that rubber flap just broke off.

Picked up a new one from MSA for only $7.95 – Kris and I went to work. You can see the flap retainer is corroded and area under the non-existent flap is a touch rusted and broken.

Gas cap area and broken gas flap

Sanded the area, picked out the chunks, and bondo’d the gap

Gas cap area bondo repaired

Kris sanding the bondo

Gas cap area being sanded

Meanwhile the retainer is prepped and primed. The battleship gray primer makes me think the car would look good in this…

Gas flap retainer primed

While the spray can is out, Kris carefully sealed up the gas opening and we primed the gas tank area. There’s a few pits in the bondo, but i’m not too concerned as it’s going to be covered by the flap.

Gas area gets primed

The gas flap retainer gets painted a few coats of primer, then a few coats of the truck bed liner i used on the door scuff plates.

Gas flap retainer painted

Finally, the gas flap is installed on the 280z. It won’t matter now, but when I get the car painted, it’ll thank me for it. Like a bib for an old car…

Gas flap installed on the 280z

Gas flap installed on 280z, underside

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