Both Seat Backs Covered: 50% done

Finally got around to covering the other seat back on the 280z this past weekend – Kris was down to help me out.

After taking off the old ’77 280z basketweave seat covers we found something interesting…

77 280z original drivers seat - open

the driver side is padded! an additional layer of foam covers the hairy jute-like seat cushion.

Here’s Kris setting the hog rings, getting them in place. Again, honestly, you don’t to worry about getting hog ring pliers – we used them for a whole two seconds for a job that could’ve been done using regular pliers.

280z drivers seat - re-cover

Stretching a seat cover can be difficult work. It was a fairly warm day, so we were working with optimal conditions. Really, it’s the seat pattern that was just a touch too short for the liking.

280z drivers seat - stretching 1  280z drivers seat - stretching 2

But pulling, stretching and team work prevailed. Tucked and pierced the n0n-barred flap under the barred flap, just like last time.

And installed!

280z seat backs - installed

Now to get those seat bottoms done and the 280z will start to look good.

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