Got A/C?

Did an oil change on the 280z this weekend.
5 quarts of Mobil 10w30 and the car is purring.
This is a bit of an experiment because I’m using slightly thinner oil (i used 10w40 last time). Hopefully all the gaskets and seals will hold up, otherwise, it’ll help show where there needs to be re-done.

What’s missing from this picture?

280z AC belt - missing

While i was under car, i noticed a pulley without a belt… then another pulley… and another!
Hmmm i don’t know why i didn’t see that before – though i DID always wonder why the AC never got cold nor did i feel the engine power reduce a touch when turned on.

For those looking: Datsun 280z AC Cold Compressor takes a 11/16″ x 36.5″ belt.

280z AC belt - TR22358

I had to lower the adjustment pulley all the way down before i could get the belt on.
Tighten to a 1/2″ deflection, and we’re ready for summer! Now i wonder how cold the AC actually gets…

280z AC belt - installed

One Reply to “Got A/C?”

  1. Un-fortunately there just wasn’t room in the new car to
    place an oil cooler without a big redesign of the engine space;
    something that would cost time and money on the project and also ruin the new
    cars carefully tuned aerodynamics. Motor oil testing using this
    spectral analysis will also show whether your engine has a fuel dilution problem.
    Full synthetic motor oils also flow far more
    readily and produce much less friction and drag inside of the engine and drive train than petroleum oils
    do and so lend themselves well to use in modern highly fuel efficient hybrid cars.

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