280z Carpet!

Pulled the trigger on some new carpet!

Motorsport Auto (MSA) has 280z molded carpet on sale right now for $240!
They’re manufactured by AAC, and right off the bat they look and feel great.
This kit includes the passenger area, area under the seat, and the rear trunk area (no shock towers or wheel wells). This is fine because i don’t like having carpeted towers / wells.
The carpet is a short, cut-pile carpet with sewn edges (where needed), and a very nice thickness. It even includes some carpet padding in most areas (again, where needed).

Since carpet pics on their site / internet are seriously lacking, here’s some for viewing pleasure, and a look at things to come.

MSA 280z carpet

Check out the sewn edges and ~1/4″ thick carpet pad.

MSA 280z carpet - carpet pad close up

Note the padding goes around most of the areas of carpet, even up over the center console / transmission housing area.

MSA 280z carpet - carpet pad close up 2

Passenger carpet piece

MSA 280z carpet - passenger area

Close up of the foot pad

MSA 280z carpet - foot pad close up

Carpet piece for under the seats

MSA 280z carpet - area under the seat

Carpet piece for the behind the seats, up over the luggage bar, and throughout the trunk deck. The 280z is going to look great with the new carpet!

MSA 280z carpet - back and trunk area

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