280z paint scheme mock up

Fender Telecaster - Butterscotch Blonde

Well, it’s no secret, the car’s going to (needs to, really) be painted!

Luckily, there’s a great independent paint shop called Pacific Body and Paint that’s local. I got a chance to talk with the owner Ric, and had a lot of great things to say about the 280z – i could tell he was getting genuinely excited to work on the project! He took me onto his garage floor to show me some of his work; talked a bit about his methods and what my expectations were as we circled a early 70’s camaro freshly painted blue w/ white stripes.

I’m looking at painting the car in a 920 Gold Poly, an original 240z color. Interesting thing about this color, are the countless remarks on forums say the original Gold Poly (920) paint you see today is different than when it originally came out (perhaps due to age) – that it used to look more yellow-brownish.
Regardless, this car is going to be painted in a yellowish-orange; very similar to the Butterscotch Blonde you see on classic Fender Telecasters – so whatever that ends up being… 411 Sunburst Yellow?

Just to make sure i’ll like what i’m doing, I’ve photoshop’d a pic of my car not only with paint, but also included the MSA Type 1 non-ducted Air Dam, as well as the ZG flares – both of which are on their way. :] Originally my thought was to have the front air dam painted (which is why the car hasn’t been painted yet…waiting on the part to come in), but I’ve decided to leave the front air dam black to match the flares, and I’ll even keep the lower rocker panel / bottom length of the car black. Seriously, now we’re



Datsun 280z Butterscotch Blonde - DailyDatsun.com


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