Datsun 280z: Gutted

Yesterday I started to tear down the 280z.
In about 2.5 hrs, I had the car just about 80% done before it can go to the painter.

Carpet: out.
Seats: gone.
Passenger door: stripped.
Center console: removed.
Passenger side door trim / seal: off.

Just need to remove the driver side door / trim, all the lights, and most importantly the windows…
And I need to make more room in the garage to store all this.

We’ll let the pics do the talking.
280z interior - gutted

280z interior - door

with the door paneling off, i was able to grease up the sticky door locks. NO MORE CRAWLING THROUGH THE BACK HATCH TO UNLOCK THE DOORS! :]

280z door lock mechanism

Like a well worn couch, it’s amazing what you’ll find after 35yrs…

280z interior - found pen

… a nasty 400W amp under the driver seat (that’s probably 400W PMP (max rating) haha, so more like 100W).

280z interior - amp

And i’m now $0.39 richer. Oldest coin here though is 1983 (the quarter).

280z interior - coins

4 Replies to “Datsun 280z: Gutted”

  1. Are you going to chip out the sound deadening? You probably should, before the repaint… usually lots of rust in those floor pans! Even it’s “rust free” you’ll still have surface rust. How are your rocker panels?

  2. Well you’ve tipped the scale for me then ‘subs. Yeah, i saw all the surface rust and wondered what lurked under the sound deadening / sticky pads… I might as well clean off all the rust before laying in new interior. There’s a concerning bubble on one of the rocker panels, but it hasn’t blistered through the paint yet, so maybe it’s salvageable…

  3. Yeah I’d really recommend taking the factory sound deadening out as soon as possible. It’s amazing how it can trap moisture, even months after the last rain.

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