YES! In April of 1977, this 280z rolled off the manufacturing line and on to the docks, headed for the Bay Area. Though his 35th birthday would’ve been more appropriate to celebrate last month, I wanted to post it along with his birthday gift – a new paint job.

Datsun 280z front valance removed - front

We’ve decided to take the 280z over to Rick at Pacific Auto and Paint, located on Santa Clara St in downtown San Jose. In the initial scoping for paint, Rick was very enthusiastic and very friendly about getting the car in and handling the job (more importantly, complete the work before the wedding!).

So a short post before a separate painting post, but here’s a few pics to wet the appetite – bon appetit!

Can you figure out what’s missing from this picture?

Datsun 280z - no side molding

Removed the rivets with a 1/8″ drill bit.. all the rivet heads were piling up!

Datsun 280z - rivet removal

The ‘Z’ side emblem removed.

Datsun 280z - side vent emblem removed

door locks were actually quite easy

Datsun 280z door lock removed

I’ve used quite a few “easy-out” screw removers, but Grabit is awesome. Many of the front valance screws were rusted tight, and the heads got striped while taking them out with a drill / screwdriver. Grabit is a bit with a drill bit on one end and the extractor on the other. A set of 3 sized bits, it was worth every $.

GrabIt - works

And it made quick work on getting the front valance off.

Datsun 280z front valance removed

The ‘Datsun 280z’ comes off, along with the rear hatch lock.

Datsun 280z - rear badge removed

And thus i’m left with a bin of parts. OFF TO THE PAINTER!

280z parts bin



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