Getting Wedding Ready – Part II

So it’s been over at Pacific Auto Body & Paint getting the full treatment. Rick has been a great fellow to work with, and keeping both the car’s looks and my pocket change budget in mind. For the time it’s been over there, the 280z has gone through some great personal treatment. Let’s take a look…

Pacific Auto Body & Paint - shop front

After driving it down the shop, he went right away at it with a sanding wheel! WWRRrrrll!


Next, the guide coat. The guide coat is a light spray of color done all over. This helps him make sure no spots are missed! From here, it gets “blocked”. Blocking is a sanding technique of which i don’t know much about, but i know it’s important to get those surfaces even, smooth and consistent.

280z-paint-guide coat - 1

280z-paint-guide coat - 2

280z-paint-guide coat - 3

And then the sealer. Even with just the sealer, you can see the lines really popping w/ all the reflections from the overhead lights. And this is all BEFORE primer!

280z-paint- sealer - 1

280z-paint- sealer - 2

280z-paint- sealer - 3

If you’ll notice in the next picture, we decided to take of the cowl (just above the engine bay) and decided to do it right. He’s gonna black out the inside, and paint in/out of the cowl.

280z-paint- sealer - 4

2 Replies to “Getting Wedding Ready – Part II”

  1. I’m really full of expectation how your color will be. How it will match the original. I purchased the car you shown below (Number 6LJL195) and we measured the color but every spray test failed to the original.
    Perhaps you get it. Good luck

    1. Wow! amazing – i wish i got your comment 2 weeks ago! :] Ah so it’s true, I’ve heard that color is just super hard to replicate! Unfortunately i didn’t have the time to go through all that, and thus the color didn’t quite match my original thoughts – but still came out nice. Look for the next post!

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