Spotted: White / Gray S30

Took the McKee on ramp to 101 this morning only to find a white S30 (240z or 260z) pull up behind me! A pleasant surprise! A quick wave to each other and we zoomed off in separate directions. I noticed as it turned onto McKee that it had a gray passenger front fender amongst it’s relatively all white body.


Spotted: 240z w/ 280z parts

Cruisin’ around downtown with Thanh, taking a different route to a familiar restaurant, and spotted a red Datsun 240z! Of course I had to make a u-turn and check it out :]

This 240z is a little worse for wear, certainly looking like it gets used. It does have some interesting features to it though: sports a modern valence, side skirts, wheel well lip rubber, and look at that, a 280z hood. I wonder what’s lurking underneath…

red Datsun 240z with 280z hood

Rolling on 280zx wheels – perhaps another hint at it’s internal upgrades.

red Datsun 240z with 280z hood - rear

Check out the body color single side Turbo mirror.

red Datsun 240z with 280z hood - front