Spotted: White 260z 2+2

I spy with my little eye…

Ever experience getting a new car, and thinking, ‘wow, there just aren’t that many around’, then shortly after driving it off the lot, sure enough you’re seeing that car everywhere?

It’s always true that once you’ve begun to pay attention to a car, they seem to pop up. Of course if it’s a car you don’t mind looking at, that’s not quite a bad thing. Heading down the street, outta the corner of my eye, I managed to spot something about 200ft away:


See it? :] Here’s a close up:

Imagehaha! A white 260z 2+2!
Since then I’ve driven by a few times and noticed it hasn’t moved at all, so though it seems to have a decent exterior, it’s probably just parked there to stay. Maybe if i have time, i’ll inquire what it’s deal is.

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