Against All Odds

I remember first meeting my brother’s 4-door Datsun 510. 5-colors, a little bit of rust, heater on all the time, no power steering, had to start it in 2nd and it had the smell of musty foam with a thin veil of gasoline. A far cry from our Integra, all i could ask was, ‘why?’. I didn’t even want to take it around the block.

1972 Datsun 510 - KFDS March 2004

Shortly there after came understanding, then hours of work on the car, then appreciation, more hours of work on the car, and then finally realization that this was a fantastic car for so many reasons – independent suspension, great feeling of the road, period style, simple to work on, operate and maintain. And for many reasons, turned heads. :]

Then there’s this little documentary that threw it over the top. Titled Against All Odds, it accounts the Datsun 510’s Trans-Am race against it’s classmates from Alfa Romeo, BMW, Fiat, Volvo and other similar cars at the time. Driver John Morton and Peter Brock’s engineering team battle it out in an “attempt to make the transition from show room to victory lane in a single season… against all odds“. It’s great. And it’s on YouTube. Enjoy!

Against All Odds, 26mins

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