Cruise for a Cause – Willow Glen Car Show 2012

This past Sunday, I get a text from my brother: willow glen classic car show.

To which i responded: i’m there.

Willow Glen’s Cruise for a Cause car show has been about family, fun, a food drive and, of course, classic cars. And I was hearing it has been for over 50 years. This was truly a wonderful spectacle of classic cars ranging from oddities (like the purple Henry J) to the wild (a Jag E-type…w/ NOS). And believe it or not, it was the first car show the 280z has ever been to!

Despite the Z being a spectator, I gotta mention, it got plenty of looks / comments. No sooner than a minute after parking did a friendly guy named John come over w/ his girl and family. “Hey, you’ve gotta park next to me”, he smiles out. See, John rolled over to the car show in his red 240z. :]

I got there around 1, but for the few hours it took to roll around all the cars, we were the only two w/ Z cars. Actually, it might even be safe to say, the only two vintage Japanese cars from what i saw! Not a bad thing – we certainly stood out among the gorgeous Caddies, awesome Ford Duces and the rest of the American muscle that dominated the show. 280z’s first show, but certainly not it’s last! On to some pics!

Datsun 240z - Daily Datsun
John just picked up this fantastic lookin 240z after getting t-boned in his 280zx. Lucky he’s unharmed and even luckier he now drives a 240z.

Datsun 240z - Daily Datsun
While rockin’ the fender flares and mirrors (a look originally on the Japanese version), the American Racing rims keep it USDM grounded.

Datsun 240z - Daily Datsun

Datsun 240z - Daily Datsun

Definitely a head turning daily driven, daily datsun!

Datsun 240z - Daily Datsun

Datsun 240z - Daily Datsun

Additionally it sported Fairlady Z badges and a stacked Monza exhaust.

Cadillac - Daily Datsun

Amazing rims on this Caddie

Bel-Air - Daily Datsun

Ford - Daily Datsun

Check out the underside! Notice where the rotors are?

Chevy - Daily Datsun

Gorgeous Chevy truck interior – simply gorgeous

Camaro - Daily Datsun

Challenger R/T - Daily Datsun

My favorite car of the show – all business

Jeweled suicide knob - Daily Datsun

Check out that jeweled suicide knob! At least you can loose your thumb in style.

Barracuda - Daily Datsun

This Barracuda was jet black and easily one of the best cars there.

Millimeters off the ground - Daily Datsun

You could squeeze the flyer under here, that’s about it.

Corvette - Daily Datsun

I like interior shots, especially this Corvette’s.

Milestone: 88,000 miles

The Datsun 280z just hit 88,000 miles.

I was prepping for this at 79,900 which seemed only a  day ago, but somehow the next time I glanced down at the odometer… well, see for yourself. :]

Datsun 280z odometer

I was coming back from my brother’s on the other side of downtown, and there it stood, ready to click right over. Normally, it would make sense to note the 50k or the often celebrated 100k mile mark. But it’s something about the ’88’ that deserves a post [albeit it’s been nearly a month since the last!].

1) 88,000 IS a lot of miles for any car over 35 years old – horray! he’s made it w/o falling apart!

2) 8’s are lucky in the Chinese culture, so having two of them? yep, double it

3) 88..mph! do i need to explain? (Back to the Future) But even more so, it’s probably the fastest i’d ever taken the 280z… and probably the fastest it’ll ever go (for now!).

Here’s to another 88,000 more miles. Cheers!