Milestone: 88,000 miles

The Datsun 280z just hit 88,000 miles.

I was prepping for this at 79,900 which seemed only a  day ago, but somehow the next time I glanced down at the odometer… well, see for yourself. :]

Datsun 280z odometer

I was coming back from my brother’s on the other side of downtown, and there it stood, ready to click right over. Normally, it would make sense to note the 50k or the often celebrated 100k mile mark. But it’s something about the ’88’ that deserves a post [albeit it’s been nearly a month since the last!].

1) 88,000 IS a lot of miles for any car over 35 years old – horray! he’s made it w/o falling apart!

2) 8’s are lucky in the Chinese culture, so having two of them? yep, double it

3) 88..mph! do i need to explain? (Back to the Future) But even more so, it’s probably the fastest i’d ever taken the 280z… and probably the fastest it’ll ever go (for now!).

Here’s to another 88,000 more miles. Cheers!

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