Zpotted: NOREZON

Every now and again you spot a Z on the road – maybe it’s a Z all tricked out, or one just chilling in the parking lot. Some of my friends shoot me a pic every now and again too. This time it’s from Dana spotting “NOREZON”, a first gen 300zx. You don’t see these too often! Looks to be very stock, well taken care of, and even has those t-tops too. Thanks, Dana!

Daily Datsun Zpotted - NoRezon 300zx


NO REZON – love it

Daily Datsun Zpotted - NoRezon 300zx License Plate

Datsloco, Livermore – My 1st Meet

Dat’s right! Datsloco!

My previous posts have all been car shows (which i’m quite fond of) like the Willow Glen classic, but this was my 1st MEET! I was super excited to say the least. Datsloco is a local meet organized by a guy named Gino, usually held in the Livermore area, and simply just peeps and their Datsuns.  Well of course they had plenty of parts for sale, bbq (supposedly Gino makes an off the hook carne asada), and even a guy workin on his tranny in the parking lot.

Before the meet though, first things first: a pint.  Campfire stout @ Tap25.

Highwater Campfire Stout

Though we got there a few hours from the end, there were plenty of Datsun trucks, and every variety of 510’s possible: 2-dr, 4-dr, Bluebirds, Coupes, and even a RHD from Japan. Two other Z’s remained when we rolled in. Additionally, a Nissan 240sx and 70’s Toyota Corona rounded it out. OK, HOODS UP!

Gino’s Bluebird Coupe – if this doesn’t make you want one…



You can just hear the snarl on this one.


Super hilarious!



Dean’s 240z w/ Fairlady Z432 grill


Hoods up!




Triple carbs on a L28 engine w/ polished valve cover – love it.

There were a few Crown Royal bags around



A RHD Bluebird Coupe from Japan!



Someone testing out some gold Watanabe wheels. I like Wats, but the wheels he had on already looked great.



Powder blue wasn’t no slouch – just check out where all the color is…



Review: Motorsport Auto (MSA) Floor Mats

Swiftly got a package in from Motorsport Auto (MSA) – my new floor mats!

With summer ending and rain just around the corner, it’s always been on my mind to get some floor mats since putting in the carpet kit. Question was, which one?

Could go with a logo’d version, a $50 – $70 ebay one-size-fits-most specials, or even one those Weathertech versions you always see ads for in car magazines. Since the MSA floor mats weren’t that much more, I decided to go with simple. And coming from them, it’ll probably have the best fit. Check them out:

1) Great solid looped carpet top
2) Very well stitched binding all the way around
3) Excellent fit, perfectly sized

While the above images show otherwise, the actual color matches quite well with their molded carpet kit. It’s nice when things match. The carpets feel solid and we’ll see how well they last through the rain.

1) No heel pad on the driver’s side. So that heel pad that’s on the carpet kit.. covered…and i’m going to wear a hole in these.
2) No clear markings on which side was which. Yeah yeah, they’re only floor mats, but actually it took me a few trys to figure out which one was which. It’s odd there’s an undulating side that runs along the transmission tunnel which is straight… sorry, maybe i’m nit-picking.
3) Foam backing…can’t wait to see how these hold up after a year as it’s been my experience that this type of foam doesn’t last too long. Especially in such a high traffic, elements exposed area. It seems to work for non-slip against the carpet floor, but let’s see how long the foam backings last before making any more comments. I would have thought they used rubber backings.

Other than that, I’m currently satisfied with the floor mats, but the upcoming rain should prove it’s real worth.

What can you fit in your Z?

Dear DailyDatsun,
Can an 8-foot tripod projector screen fit in a Datsun 280z? – puzzled, Mr. Didn’t-quite-plan-ahead

Why, yes. Actually, you can fit TWO 8-foot projector screens.

Long story short, I needed those projector screens for a friend’s wedding, and this was the car to do it in. The take away from this? If ever I need 8ft long pieces of 2″x4″ wood, i know how to fit it in. After 15mins of puzzle solving, here’s how you do it:
1) Remove the lower dash valence on the passenger side. This is necessary to get long piece down in the back. An additional 3″ in front that goes up, means 3″ in back that goes down.
2) Remove the luggage bar. Gain an 1″ to work with.
3) Finally, remove the rear hatch inner panel. This was a brilliant move because now you can fit the full length w/ the few inches that goes into the frame of the hatch! haha

or just pick up a Datsun truck.


Jay Leno visits Datsun / Nissan, asks a few questions

Latest on Jay Leno’s Garage is his visit to Nissan earlier this week. He gets to tour the Nissan Zama Warehouse (aka Nissan DNA Garage), drive a Fairlady Z (Japan’s 240z), and even visit their design studios. With Nissan’s 80th Anniversary coming up, Jay asks if there’s a new “240z” in the works. Of course there’s not straight answer from Nissan’s Chief Creative Officer and friend Shiro Nakamura, but we get to see a spread of concepts in the background and watch them talk about the Z.

My favorite part is when Jay details the best part of the Datsun Z to wash, and I HAVE to agree. Best part to wash AND wax. Check it out.

Source: Jay Leno’s Garage – Nissan Fairlady aka Datsun 240z