Jay Leno visits Datsun / Nissan, asks a few questions

Latest on Jay Leno’s Garage is his visit to Nissan earlier this week. He gets to tour the Nissan Zama Warehouse (aka Nissan DNA Garage), drive a Fairlady Z (Japan’s 240z), and even visit their design studios. With Nissan’s 80th Anniversary coming up, Jay asks if there’s a new “240z” in the works. Of course there’s not straight answer from Nissan’s Chief Creative Officer and friend Shiro Nakamura, but we get to see a spread of concepts in the background and watch them talk about the Z.

My favorite part is when Jay details the best part of the Datsun Z to wash, and I HAVE to agree. Best part to wash AND wax. Check it out.

Source: Jay Leno’s Garage – Nissan Fairlady aka Datsun 240z

3 Replies to “Jay Leno visits Datsun / Nissan, asks a few questions”

  1. the 370z is beautiful, but I never liked the boomerang lights. I also feel like it’s still too rounded off on all the edges so I hope the new Z looks a little sharper and going back to an inline six would be amazing, but I think that’s asking for a little much since they would have to design a whole new engine just for this one application haha

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more – though the 370z is growing on me, it’s still a bit bubbly. It’s certainly in the right direction but needs some more cues from the S30 design. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what Nissan dreams up.

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