Review: Motorsport Auto (MSA) Floor Mats

Swiftly got a package in from Motorsport Auto (MSA) – my new floor mats!

With summer ending and rain just around the corner, it’s always been on my mind to get some floor mats since putting in the carpet kit. Question was, which one?

Could go with a logo’d version, a $50 – $70 ebay one-size-fits-most specials, or even one those Weathertech versions you always see ads for in car magazines. Since the MSA floor mats weren’t that much more, I decided to go with simple. And coming from them, it’ll probably have the best fit. Check them out:

1) Great solid looped carpet top
2) Very well stitched binding all the way around
3) Excellent fit, perfectly sized

While the above images show otherwise, the actual color matches quite well with their molded carpet kit. It’s nice when things match. The carpets feel solid and we’ll see how well they last through the rain.

1) No heel pad on the driver’s side. So that heel pad that’s on the carpet kit.. covered…and i’m going to wear a hole in these.
2) No clear markings on which side was which. Yeah yeah, they’re only floor mats, but actually it took me a few trys to figure out which one was which. It’s odd there’s an undulating side that runs along the transmission tunnel which is straight… sorry, maybe i’m nit-picking.
3) Foam backing…can’t wait to see how these hold up after a year as it’s been my experience that this type of foam doesn’t last too long. Especially in such a high traffic, elements exposed area. It seems to work for non-slip against the carpet floor, but let’s see how long the foam backings last before making any more comments. I would have thought they used rubber backings.

Other than that, I’m currently satisfied with the floor mats, but the upcoming rain should prove it’s real worth.

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