What can you fit in your Z?

Dear DailyDatsun,
Can an 8-foot tripod projector screen fit in a Datsun 280z? – puzzled, Mr. Didn’t-quite-plan-ahead

Why, yes. Actually, you can fit TWO 8-foot projector screens.

Long story short, I needed those projector screens for a friend’s wedding, and this was the car to do it in. The take away from this? If ever I need 8ft long pieces of 2″x4″ wood, i know how to fit it in. After 15mins of puzzle solving, here’s how you do it:
1) Remove the lower dash valence on the passenger side. This is necessary to get long piece down in the back. An additional 3″ in front that goes up, means 3″ in back that goes down.
2) Remove the luggage bar. Gain an 1″ to work with.
3) Finally, remove the rear hatch inner panel. This was a brilliant move because now you can fit the full length w/ the few inches that goes into the frame of the hatch! haha

or just pick up a Datsun truck.


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