Hot Models

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s got me a bit nostalgic. Everyone remembers being a kid. And nearly every boy has had a toy car of some sort. Maybe they were a Revell scale model kit, slot cars, Hot Wheels or Micromachines – we were lucky to have experienced all four.

Certainly, if you haven’t got the garage (or the cash) for all those dreams cars, chances are they’ll fit on the shelf. And what if those dream cars aren’t in your favorite livery or paint scheme? Check out this sweet build for a BRE Datsun Hot Wheels:


Post like these reminds me of of the larger 1:32 scale slot cars my dad used to have. He and my uncle would pull them apart, paint them, race them, pull them apart again, re-wind the coils, race’m some more.

Of course we grew up racing with the smaller slot cars…and whata know, they make a 1:24 AND 1:32 slot car Z’s!

1:32 scale
1:24 scale



Sources: JNCSlot Car Today, Slot Car Illustrated

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