Happy New Year from Daily Datsun!

Well it’s another year of motoring in the rear view and a new set of twisty, winding roads on the horizon!

It’s been a great 1st year for the 280z and certainly a memorable one for DailyDatsun.com. Since getting the 280z in late 2011, I’ve managed to restore and renew this car into a daily driver. We’ve replaced the rubber weather stripping, side molding, attended Datsloco, installed new carpets and seats, and even got married in it on top of all that! It’s also been a historic year for Datsun, marking 40 years of the Nissan Z!

Looking toward 2013, there isn’t too much more I need to do: bumpers (!), fuel pump change. Though, there certainly things I WANT to do with the car: shocks / lowering kit, bushings. I’ll certainly have my hands full with Datsun activities like rides and events as well. Additionally, my brother, dad and i recently picked up a beautiful 1963 Corvair Monza 900 (remember that post?), so some of my car fixing time will be devoted to that.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the help of a few friends and family along the way. A sincere thanks to my Mom & Dad, Kris, Dana, Kathryn, Jake, Erik, Jerry and Kennie for all of their help. A special thanks to my wife, Thanh, for her love and support… and allowing me to keep the car :]

With that, i’ll leave you with a nice video from MotoMan about the 40th Anniversary of the Z.

Cheers & Happy New Years!

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