New Digs – Part 3: New Shoes: Final

Well it’s the end of the year and i best wrap this segment up!

Back in January (whoa), i was talkin about some new wheels, which would ultimately mean new tires. Well, I’ve decided to keep the Nissan 280zx Iron Cross wheels on, and just go w/ new rubber. It was certainly the right timing because the two fronts were going bald like racing slicks, rain is coming down, and…it was Christmas. Yep, Mom and Dad got me new tires! woohoo! :]

Daily-Datsun-Falken-Sincera-SN-828We went with a nice set of Falken Sincera SN-828 (195/70R-14). It’ll be the first time having Falkens on anything as we’ve been pretty loyal to Yokohamas on all our toys. But they’ve been great so far – handling has been so much better, lighter steering (especially for non-powered steering), great in the rain, and quiet. So yep, two thumbs up and happy!

Maybe later when we’ve cruised out the 50,000 mile warranty on these puppies I’ll think about getting some new wheels – till then, I’m happy the car is on the road, safer and better.









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