MotorTrend: the Idea of a Sports Car

One clings to a bygone era in defining the sports car as a small, lightweight open two-seater with minimum creature comfort balancing a maximum of driver engagement and agile handling…

Ah yes, the sports car. Exhilarating, fun, and for the everyday person, cheap. I just happened to pop on MotorTrend, and they had an article detailing the Volvo 1800, the AMC AMX and yes, the Datsun 240z.

For some gorgeous pics and more on these cars, read on.


Zpotted: Convertible Z

I headed over to St. John’s last week and scored a parking spot next to a convertible 350Z. Never really compared the convertible version to the 280z, so of course I snapped a few shots. With the convertible top, it looks like a  much more compact cabin. Most 350z driver’s i’ve encountered aren’t really into the older Z’s, just from my experience – but just in case i posted the print out in the passenger window :] Cheers from St. John’s!

Daily-Datsun-zpotted-gray-350z-2 Daily-Datsun-zpotted-gray-350z-3 Daily-Datsun-zpotted-gray-350z-1

Datsun Dealership Parts Bin

Whoa, not every day you hear of a Datsun dealership being bought…who would’ve thought they still even existed?!

Supposedly they do, and luckily for us, there’s a guy on the ClassicZCar forums that just bought one out. Dave or ‘Nismo Silvia’, who is also a 240z owner, just bought a Datsun Dealership that closed in the 80’s and left behind a 25′ trailer FULL of parts. YES! Can anyone say, “NOS”? :] Yep, that probably means a treasure chest of ‘new old stock’ parts just waiting to mate with Z’s, 510’s and all other Datsuns for a refresh party. A pure NOS-fest, for sure!

Wow. exciting. it’s not even my trailer and i’m getting excited. It’s like watching Storage Wars…but this time, you KNOW it has Datsun parts in it. haha!


Arg! Door ding!

arg. paint chip on the 280z door

Yep – got a door ding. sooo unhappy.


Parked in an asian market next to a guy opening his doors of a green Explorer. We wanted to get to his rear passenger side door while i was getting out… he waited. I went into the market. When i left the market, he was still parked next to me. It’s not until i got home that i noticed it.. right above the door handle. Now every morning, this dime-sized shy of a paint chip glares back at me. arg.

Well, better brush up on my painting skills.


Time to get a little Dats-loco!

Datsloco comes back in 2013 for it’s 8th Annual Datsun & Nissan Carshow and Swap Meet!

We got a brief chance to check out the end of the Datsloco fest last year and it was a hoot meeting all the great people and their cars there. This year the 8th Annual Datsloco event will be held on May 4th, 2013 in Manteca, CA. Here’s a map, and additional info. Get that car prep’d and ready!

From the Craigslist post:

Its that time again to mark your calendars and get all the datsun families together for our 8th annual swapmeet/show n shine. We have had such a great turn out every year,so lets make this one even bigger

We will be selling datsun cars as well as parts. Admission is free and only $10 for a selling spot. May 4th from 8am to 3pm at 934 perimeter dr manteca ca 95337. Come one or come all, bring your rides and lets see if we can fill this place up like we did last year. Come out and have fun and meet car enthusiasts like yourself. This will be mainly datsuns and nissans but other makes are welcomed to join us. See u all there. For more info u can call or text me at 209-298-513zero. Sorry no burnouts and no alcohol allowed. I WILL NOT BE COOKING THIS TIME DUE TO LOCATION. SORRY

FREE Admission, $10 fee if you are selling parts.

What: datsun nissan event When: may 4th from 8am to 3pm Where: 934 perimeter dr manteca ca 95337 Why: cuz we enjoy “doing it in a datsun” For more info call or text me at 2o9298513o datsloco


And that’s Datsloco.