Datsun Dealership Parts Bin

Whoa, not every day you hear of a Datsun dealership being bought…who would’ve thought they still even existed?!

Supposedly they do, and luckily for us, there’s a guy on the ClassicZCar forums that just bought one out. Dave or ‘Nismo Silvia’, who is also a 240z owner, just bought a Datsun Dealership that closed in the 80’s and left behind a 25′ trailer FULL of parts. YES! Can anyone say, “NOS”? :] Yep, that probably means a treasure chest of ‘new old stock’ parts just waiting to mate with Z’s, 510’s and all other Datsuns for a refresh party. A pure NOS-fest, for sure!

Wow. exciting. it’s not even my trailer and i’m getting excited. It’s like watching Storage Wars…but this time, you KNOW it has Datsun parts in it. haha!


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