Jay Leno’s Garage: 1971 Datsun 510

Recently Jay Leno had Tonight Show’s prop master, Greg Elliot, swing by with his gorgeous 510. On Jay Leno’s Garage, they go through an in-depth look at the sparkling example of a modified Datsun 510 – lowered, bored out engine, coil-overed and ridin’ on Libras. I’m kinda diggin those powder coated bumpers too.

Throughout the segment though, you can definitely hear Jay assuming this was a stock example, but that’s hardly the case. One thing is for certain: his love for this car, and love for old-school cars in general. Check it out:


240z bumper brackets on a 280z

I love the look of the simple, streamlined bumpers of the 240z (and used on 1/2 of the series of 260z’s) over the heavy and thick bumpers of the 280z. Just check those out!

As the mid-70’s emission standards crushed down on the carburetor’d engines of the day and gave way to fuel efficiency (see, not all change is bad), safety standards tightened it’s seat belt and created a war on unsafe aesthetics. Thus, Datsun had to change it’s more or less cosmetically thin bumper for a safe, unwieldy hunk of steel that people today still loathe. Nearly 20lbs of loathing.

If you remember back in March, my brother and I removed the bumpers and increased gas mileage.

Well they’ve been off ever since because the brackets I got from ebay..were less than satisfactory. I’ve already mentioned that correspondence with their maker, v8-240z, was non-existent. But even worse, when I finally got around to test mounting the brackets… the bolts didn’t fit in the holes.

Wait, what? Yep, the original bolts do not fit in ANY of the mangled, burred, half-ass hand-drilled holes. Awesome.

Time to break out that Dremel. The grinding stone attachment worked wonders and allowed me to clean up those unsightly edges to something relatively straight.


You can see the top slot is the one currently being widened / cleaned up. The bottom slot is actually 1/2 cleaned up by me and doesn’t really show the maker’s work in all its wavy glory, but you get the idea.


Had them done in 10 mins. Now to mount…

Zpotted: White 240z



I was on Santana Row picking up a few things for Valentine’s Day when I spotted a 240z in the parking lot.

A little worse for wear, but looked like it was being driven! Missing some emblems, wood-composite steering wheel, wood shift knob, and sported a 280z vented hood and 280z/zx wheels.

What is really great about this one despite it’s condition, is the low VIN! Check it: 23,270! Which would make it a 1971 Datsun 240z “Series II”. Zpotted.













Daily-Datsun-Zpotted-white-240z-2 Daily-Datsun-Zpotted-white-240z-3 Daily-Datsun-Zpotted-white-240z-4 Daily-Datsun-Zpotted-white-240z-5