Zpotted: White 240z



I was on Santana Row picking up a few things for Valentine’s Day when I spotted a 240z in the parking lot.

A little worse for wear, but looked like it was being driven! Missing some emblems, wood-composite steering wheel, wood shift knob, and sported a 280z vented hood and 280z/zx wheels.

What is really great about this one despite it’s condition, is the low VIN! Check it: 23,270! Which would make it a 1971 Datsun 240z “Series II”. Zpotted.













Daily-Datsun-Zpotted-white-240z-2 Daily-Datsun-Zpotted-white-240z-3 Daily-Datsun-Zpotted-white-240z-4 Daily-Datsun-Zpotted-white-240z-5

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