Zpotted: Black and White, Red all over

Zpotted: Black and White, Red all over Quick stop around Fry’s and Zpotted this JDM looking red 240z with black flares, chrome fender mirrors, HRE-esque wheels and topped off with the “Fairlady Z” badge. If you look a litt more, the fabulous-ness finishes with a Monza stacked pipes. menacing.

Event: Datsloco – 8th Annual 2013

What? It’s already been a year since the last Datsloco Event?

Well, not exactly – the last Datsloco was in Oct. 2012. THIS year it’s going to be May 4th – height of da summer!

May 4th, 2013; 8am – 3pm
934 Perimeter Dr., Manteca, CA 95337

From the Craigslist post:

We will be selling datsun cars as well as parts. Admission is free and only $10 for a selling spot. May 4th from 8am to 3pm at 934 perimeter dr manteca ca 95337. Come one or come all, bring your rides and lets see if we can fill this place up like we did last year. Come out and have fun and meet car enthusiasts like yourself. This will be mainly datsuns and nissans but other makes are welcomed to join us. See u all there. For more info u can call or text me at 209-298-513zero. Sorry no burnouts and no alcohol allowed. I WILL NOT BE COOKING THIS TIME DUE TO LOCATION. SORRY

FREE Admission, $10 fee if you are selling parts.

What: datsun nissan event When: may 4th from 8am to 3pm Where: 934 perimeter dr manteca ca 95337 Why: cuz we enjoy “doing it in a datsun” For more info call or text me at 2o9298513o datsloco

Yep, dats loco.


Shokuji J-Tin – Historic Japanese Car Gathering!

Summer is upon us in the Bay Area! How do I know? (It’s not the short-shorts) It’s the coming of all the car shows!

Just got an invite from Ivan over at Historic Japanese Car Gathering for the Shokuji J-Tin gathering!
This is in the same location as last years Bayliner’s event (which I didn’t get a chance to go to) – so hopefully we’ll be able to go!


Zpotted: Datsun……?

Last Zpotted, my wife spotted a girl driven Z.
On the same day, she also spotted another Datsun – a Datsun 1200!

The rare 1200 coupe is already a fun compact looking car, but it can really look cool with some mods (see below). This one, however, looks like it’s in grocery-getter mode.



For illustration purposes, a super neat 1200. i like these things.

Zpotted: Z car, rracked

woohoo! we made it to 100 posts!

My wife txt’d me a photo this morning: “spotted” she said. “Young girl driving it. Loud engine”. haha – thanks babe!

Check out this rracked* mixed S30 Z from behind. On top of the newer paint and 13″/14″ minilites, they’ve gone and body matched the tail light bezel, and mixed early / late model Z tail lights. I’m not sure if the roof rack is that JDM fad going around, but given the recent weather, biking season IS upon us. Regardless – cheers to the Z, you’ve been Zpotted!


*DailyDatsun word for ‘with roof rack’ and the USDM/JDM roof rack scene. I’m neither for nor against it, to each his/her own. I’m just coining the term. rrracked! 😛

Windshield Washer Fluid Reservoir install

Shortly after getting the windshield wipers to work on the 280z, it was only natural that I test the washer fluid. It wasn’t any surprise that after pressing that button, nothing happened – not even the hum of its motor. I thought maybe it was a bad contact like the wipers…and turn signals…and everything else.

But popping the hood revealed:

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (18)

huh – no windshield washer reservoir AT ALL!

I tussled with a guy on CL wanting $300 (then dropping to $100) for a used one… and then decided to go with a new one from eBay, $52 shipped. Of course it wasn’t OEM for the 280z and required a bit of modification. Here we go!

The Mitsuba Electric model came with a bunch of goodies needed for a full install, but since I already had the jets and T-junctions in place, i just needed the reservoir, motor and hose.

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (19)

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (17)

Here’s a pic of the placement. Notice the original washer tank would have slid into the metal bracket. The Mitsuba also has a slot of its own.

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (1)

So I made a bracket out of some spare metal i had around – measured twice, cut once.

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (4)

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (14)

Viola! It tapers so that the narrow end fits in the car slot, and the wider end fits into the washer reservoir.

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (2)

Bending into shape

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (3)

And it kinda came out like the drawing!

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (5)

Test fit on the car chassis. You’ll notice in this pic that the gaps are smaller than above to prevent sliding while in either slots. Side view:

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (6)

Top view:

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (13)

Test fit on the bottle. Not too bad here.

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (7)

Test fit with both in the car.

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (8)

The 280z has a special connector for the washer motor that doesn’t coincide with the Mitsuba’s. Fortunately, the blue/red wires correspond, and I assumed that the other was the ground.

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (15)

Quick electric test before making any wiring commitments… haha! We have squirting! This was fun; it was like a mini-water gun.

 Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (9) Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (10)

Hooked up the hose, tucked it alongside the other wires, and it install is completed.

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (12)

Now when the windshield gets dusty, there’s no more need to hang out the window to wipe it off with a little spit (j/k!).


Sunday Zpotted: Coast-to-Coast edition

If you look hard enough, there are still a good number of Datsun Z’s on the road. Now I’m not talking about seeing Z’s at a show, say, like the upcoming Motorsport Auto’s Z Car West Coast Nationals. I’m talking about Daily Datsun’s Zpotted!

This post is a coast-to-coast edition because in the same day as my sister zpotted a Z in Mass, my cousin txt’d me a pic of one he saw in California! How fun is that!?

First is a well seasoned Datsun 240z from my sister – spotting it in the Whole Food parking lot in Boston. There are several surprises here: 1) obviously it’s being driven and not stored for the winter time (typical winter grime on the car) and 2) it’s all the way from Arizona. Uh.. 70’s Japanese car, I’d like you to meet something called Salt and Snow, and by the way, there are not your friends. Moving on, it’s looks like it’s in great shape and kept original. It’s even sporting those nice American Spirit (or some classic) 5 spoke dealer installed wheels. Oy, i hope it makes it through the season!


Next is nicely done modified Z spotted by my cousin up in Daly City! This is a great example of a beloved owner massaging the great aspects of the Z: blacked out the chrome trim, badges and bumpers, flaring out the wheel wells, and adding that spoiler. Also sporting some nice two-piece mesh wheels. If I had to guess, this is a 240z with something beastly under the hood. Flares are typical for Datsun owners, but for such a large flare in the rear (and check out that deep dish on the wheel), it’s planning on slaying the road with torque. Additionally, they’ve opted to go with the 280z vented hood for additional cooling in the engine bay. Black out all the shiny bits for that menacing touch. Yep, there’s something serious lurking under there!





There you have it! Zpotted on the East coast, zpotted on the West. One original, one modified. One in snow, one in sun. Double the Zpotted on Daily Datsun – enjoy!

Thanks Kathryn and Mike for submitting!