Craigslist – 1972 Datsun 240z – cheap

I’m a Craigslist troll. Any chance I get, i’ll be on there searching ‘Datsun’.

This one pulled up this morning, and it looks like a steal. A stored 1972 orange 240z with tons of recent goodies. Really, there should be a 1 in front of that price.

Just in case the link is gone, here’s the post / pics.

Daily-Datsun-CL-cheap-240z (2)

Daily-Datsun-CL-cheap-240z (3)

Daily-Datsun-CL-cheap-240z (1)

Up for sale is a 1972 Datsun 240Z.

This car was pulled out of a carport several months ago after sitting for several years.
I’ve gone over most of the mechanicals, and the Z is now back in great driving condition. 
This is a clean title California blue plate Z, however it does have rust in the floorpans, lower rear corners and hatch.
The chassis and body are solid, and you can either drive it around as is and do the body work over time, or just do the body work right away and have a great 240Z to drive around in.
It is a complete Z that hasn’t been butchered, with full original interior in great condition. 
I have too many project cars, and as this is the most sorted of the bunch, I’m letting this one go. 

All new parts installed within the last few months:
– Tokico HP Front Shocks
– Tokico HP Rear Shocks
– Eibach Spring Kit
– Door Weather Strips
– Front Lower OEM Ball Joints
– Steering Rack Boots
– Moog Tie Rods
– Front OEM Bearing Caps
– Front Wheel Bearing Seals
– Front Wheel Bearings
– Front Brake Pads
– Drum Brake Hardware
– Drum Brake Shoes
– Stainless Steel Brake Lines Front and Rear
– OEM Engine Air Filter
– Shifter Bushing Kit
– OEM Fan Belt
– OEM Fan Blade
– OEM Oil Filter
– Valve Cover Gasket
– Fuel Hoses
– Mechanical Fuel Pump
– Clutch Master Cylinder
– Clutch Slave Cylinder
– Brake Master Cylinder
– Prothane Sway Bar Bushings
– Prothane Sway Bar Endlinks
– Prothane Front Strut Rod Bushings
– Prothane Front Control Arm Bushings
– Prothane Rear Inner Control Arm Bushings
– Prothane Steering Column Bushing
– Battery
– Tires
– OEM Fuel Filter
– Fuel System Flushed
– Silvanna Premium Headlights x2
– Upgraded Headlight Harness
– 280ZX Alternator
– 280ZX Alternator Conversion Plug
– NGK Plug Wires
– Spark Plugs
– Distributor Cap
– Distributor Points
– Redline Oils Used in Transmission and Differential
– Redline Water Wetter Used in Cooling System
– OEM Left Front Bumper Trim (not installed)
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7 Replies to “Craigslist – 1972 Datsun 240z – cheap”

  1. I have a 1972 240 z front bumper and valance new oem i would like to sell . also one original hub cap. any Idea of worth ?

    1. hey pontiacbuddygreen, of course w/ prices of these things, it’s only worth what someone is willing to pay (as my mom always said). With that in mind, from my experience:
      front bump – $100 used ok shape / $200 used good shape / $300 new
      valance – free-$50 used / $100 new (not much demand for these because most get the modern valances).
      original hub cap – free-$10, just make a friend

      hope that helps!

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