Windshield Washer Fluid Reservoir install

Shortly after getting the windshield wipers to work on the 280z, it was only natural that I test the washer fluid. It wasn’t any surprise that after pressing that button, nothing happened – not even the hum of its motor. I thought maybe it was a bad contact like the wipers…and turn signals…and everything else.

But popping the hood revealed:

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (18)

huh – no windshield washer reservoir AT ALL!

I tussled with a guy on CL wanting $300 (then dropping to $100) for a used one… and then decided to go with a new one from eBay, $52 shipped. Of course it wasn’t OEM for the 280z and required a bit of modification. Here we go!

The Mitsuba Electric model came with a bunch of goodies needed for a full install, but since I already had the jets and T-junctions in place, i just needed the reservoir, motor and hose.

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (19)

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (17)

Here’s a pic of the placement. Notice the original washer tank would have slid into the metal bracket. The Mitsuba also has a slot of its own.

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (1)

So I made a bracket out of some spare metal i had around – measured twice, cut once.

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (4)

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (14)

Viola! It tapers so that the narrow end fits in the car slot, and the wider end fits into the washer reservoir.

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (2)

Bending into shape

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (3)

And it kinda came out like the drawing!

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (5)

Test fit on the car chassis. You’ll notice in this pic that the gaps are smaller than above to prevent sliding while in either slots. Side view:

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (6)

Top view:

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (13)

Test fit on the bottle. Not too bad here.

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (7)

Test fit with both in the car.

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (8)

The 280z has a special connector for the washer motor that doesn’t coincide with the Mitsuba’s. Fortunately, the blue/red wires correspond, and I assumed that the other was the ground.

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (15)

Quick electric test before making any wiring commitments… haha! We have squirting! This was fun; it was like a mini-water gun.

 Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (9) Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (10)

Hooked up the hose, tucked it alongside the other wires, and it install is completed.

Daily-Datsun-280z-windshield-washer-reservoir-motor (12)

Now when the windshield gets dusty, there’s no more need to hang out the window to wipe it off with a little spit (j/k!).


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