Zpotted: Skinny Puppy 510

Rolling around Office Depot to do a return, and a gunmetal gray 1969 Datsun 510 pulls up just as I do the same!

A nice fellow (didn’t get his name) just recently got his 510 back from having work done by Troy Ermish (very popular 510 mechanic in Tracy, CA). I guess the work took several years to complete (ugh)! “Skinny Puppy” (as noted by the sole sticker on the rear windshield) sported lowered suspension, blacked out bumpers, rear bubble flares, and circular rear side markers. And if it’s from Troy, it probably has his 2.5″ exhaust down pipe. Well, here it is.

Daily-Datsun-Zpotted-510-SkinnyPuppy (7) Daily-Datsun-Zpotted-510-SkinnyPuppy (1)  Daily-Datsun-Zpotted-510-SkinnyPuppy (6) Daily-Datsun-Zpotted-510-SkinnyPuppy (5) Daily-Datsun-Zpotted-510-SkinnyPuppy (4) Daily-Datsun-Zpotted-510-SkinnyPuppy (3) Daily-Datsun-Zpotted-510-SkinnyPuppy (2)


Yes, I’m in Z office

Want to excite that drab office? Got a couple of car seats laying around?!

You can only change that computer desktop wallpaper so much and so often – so take it to the next level and make some car seat office chairs! Back in March of last year, I got new seat covers in for the 280z and just had to throw them over the office chair for fun. Well it looks the guy at DIY-Create actually brought it to fruition on Instructables using the actual seat! Seats came from a junked 240z, and I’d say, they’re now getting much more use than left in a yard. Also, you can bring that car you love so much into the home. Enjoy!

And many thanks to DIY-Create for using the seat restore article and mentioning Daily Datsun as a resource!

Instructables – How to Turn Junker Car Seats into Beautiful Office Chairs by DIY-Create

Getting work done…fast.

Historic Japanese Car Gathering – 4/21/13

Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (1)After a fresh wash, we cruised it up to San Leandro for Historic Japanese Car Gathering‘s Shokuji J-Tin event! This year they had folks from Japanese Nostalgic Car and called back an honored guest, “Mary” from the the Ken & Mary Skyline commercials!

It looked like a great time with food  / ice cream trucks as well as people and their cars from all over the place.

Though it seemed to be dominated by Datsuns, there were plenty of Toyotas making a scene.

As we rolled up a 350z owner asked if i could park next to him so he could snap some old / new photos – haha hopefully i can get a shot of that from him.

Unfortunately, we arrived ~3pm and got really at the tail end of the event, but we were able to spot a few cars and snap some pics on that beautiful bay area day. Enjoy!


White on gold is always a pleaser.

Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (2) Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (3)

Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (4) Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (5) Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (6) Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (7)

Some RHDs – yes, just check out that Skyline on Watanabe’s… that’s delux.

Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (8)


Rising sun corners on these two Datsun trucks.

Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (9)

Bunch of 510’s getting ready for a ride.

Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (10) Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (11) Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (12)

A spectacular looking Toyota Corolla Levin – man that thing was a compact piece of muscle.

Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (13) Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (14) Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (15)

This guy just threw his well done 510 right over the speed bump without a care. Sorry, that type of showmanship isn’t for me.

Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (16)

Really nice to see this brown Levin bare-boned and empty. You just get the ideas of restoring running through your head.

Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (17)

A bit more modern classic. Very well kept.

Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (19)

Ah, there he is – just taking in the sun.

Daily-Datsun-HJCG-Shokuji-J-Tin-130420 (18)

Motor Trend: 370z vs 240z

Yesterday morning rolls around – i get a email from my Dad :]
Motor Trend’s show, Downshift, pits an enthusiast’s engine swapped 240z against the crowd sourced Nissan 370z. The 370z has every sweet piece of technology possible at the pinnacle of automotive technology. The 240z has typical upgrades, Watanabe wheels, no-power steering…oh, and a RB26DETT engine.

Let the fun begin!


240z Steering wheel on a 280z… while keeping the horn pad

A while back I picked up a 240z steering – I just love that wood-grained look (though it is composite). I did a nice refurbish on the 240z steering wheel shortly there after, but never got around to installing it… till this past weekend!

There isn’t much around the forums in the way of doing a 240z steering wheel on a 280z. Actually, it’s probably because  in terms of the steering wheel itself, there’s no conversion needed – the 240z steering wheel fits the 280z steering gear exactly. The issue I had was really mating a 280z horn button to the 240z steering wheel!

Check out the visual difference between the 240z (left) and 280z (right) horn pads…

Datsun-240Z-OEM-Horn-Pad 74-76 Horn Pad

I wish it were that easy of a swap, but upon removing the 280z steering wheel and comparing it to the 240z’s, the difference was apparent. The contact plate has 3 screws in the 280z, and only 2 screws in the 240z’s.  This different proved to be all the work, thus having to make an adapter to mate the two.

YES, I could have bought a 240z horn pad (avg $40 – $75), but I have a horn pad…and some metal…and a brain. And i like the challenge! :] Let’s go make a 240z-to-280z horn mating plate!

The 240z steering wheel has two screw holes for the horn assembly, while the 280z has three.

DailyDatsun-240z-steering-wheel Daily-Datsun-240z-280z-steering-wheel (9)

Upon disassembling the 280z horn (three screws), you’ll notice the contact plate has rubber washers and plastic guides (so that the contact plate doesn’t connect the horn pad and steering wheel). On the steering wheel, you’ll see that the 280z has a connection spring (12 o’clock). In the 240z steering wheel picture above, it uses a wire instead.

Daily-Datsun-240z-280z-steering-wheel (8)

The horn contact is located here in this pic at 4 o’clock.

Daily-Datsun-240z-280z-steering-wheel (7)

Datsun 240z to 280z steering wheel horn mating plate – design plan:
2 3/4″ diameter
3/4″ dia center hole
1 1/32″ distance between centers for 240z mounting holes
1 25/32″ lengthed iso triangle for 280z mounting holes (you can just trace these from the contact plate)

I didn’t have a compass, but I found a Mother’s polish can did the job.

Daily-Datsun-240z-280z-steering-wheel (5)

I had some time, so here’s PDF of the mating plate design in case anyone else wants to use it. It should be to scale – let me know how it goes!

DailyDatsun-240z-to-280z-hornMatingPlate copy

The NIBBLER! Since i don’t have a band saw (nor the room for one), the Nibbler gets all the attention.

Daily-Datsun-240z-280z-steering-wheel (6)

Daily-Datsun-240z-280z-steering-wheel (4)

Drilled the holes and test mounted the mating plate. Not too shabby. Use drill bits smaller than the screws used in their respective places so they can bite into the metal, make contact, and maintain electrical continuity.

Daily-Datsun-240z-280z-steering-wheel (3)

Here it is assembled on the car. Important to note that the 240z wire SHOULD NOT be hanging outside of the 280z contact plate… yeah, your horn will be ringing all day if you do. It SHOULD be connected to the 280z contact plate on the back side. Don’t add anything to the face of the contact plate because you want to have an even surface to make contact anywhere you press the horn button.

Daily-Datsun-240z-280z-steering-wheel (2)

Since soldering didn’t work on the contact plate, I simply just protected the mating plate (from further contact), bent the contact wire head, and press fit it under the contact plate.

Tada! installed. love it. and it still goes beep-beep.

Daily-Datsun-240z-280z-steering-wheel (1)

Blinker Blinks Again!

Always seems like something’s funky w/ the electrics… first it was the 280z’s headlights, then the wipers.

For a little while, the right turn signal was pretty intermittent. Left worked dandy, but the right… Every time I used the right turn signal, it would blink on and off reeeall slow. Additionally, when the either the parking or headlights were on, the turn signal would just stay on.


No lights on – right signal blink on / off real slow (function correct, speed incorrect)
Parking lights on – right signal blinks on / off real slow, sometimes not at all (function / speed incorrect)
All lights on – right signal blinks on /off real slow (function / speed incorrect)


Of course, the first step would be to replace the bulb, but that didn’t do anything. Upon replacing, the socket look fairly corroded. But when jiggling the socket wire.. there’s the problem!

Yah! Now i can tell everyone i’m turning Right.

Before / After wiring to housing:

IMG_4255 IMG_4260

Before / after cleaning the socket. A rolled up a scour pad works like magic.

IMG_4259 IMG_4257