Blinker Blinks Again!

Always seems like something’s funky w/ the electrics… first it was the 280z’s headlights, then the wipers.

For a little while, the right turn signal was pretty intermittent. Left worked dandy, but the right… Every time I used the right turn signal, it would blink on and off reeeall slow. Additionally, when the either the parking or headlights were on, the turn signal would just stay on.


No lights on – right signal blink on / off real slow (function correct, speed incorrect)
Parking lights on – right signal blinks on / off real slow, sometimes not at all (function / speed incorrect)
All lights on – right signal blinks on /off real slow (function / speed incorrect)


Of course, the first step would be to replace the bulb, but that didn’t do anything. Upon replacing, the socket look fairly corroded. But when jiggling the socket wire.. there’s the problem!

Yah! Now i can tell everyone i’m turning Right.

Before / After wiring to housing:

IMG_4255 IMG_4260

Before / after cleaning the socket. A rolled up a scour pad works like magic.

IMG_4259 IMG_4257

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