Handle the Door Handle

Sigh – the door handle…

A few weeks ago, I noticed the door handle of the 280z just kinda hanging loose… Still able to open the door, but a loose handle could mean eventual non-working doors, and cross our fingers, maybe prone to brake-ins. If anything else, the tolerances of the Datsun 280z are surprisingly tight in some places, and a loose door handle can actually mean chipped paint! ouch! (you can spot the chip in the lower right).

I took an hour this morning to fix it all up and correct a few things along the way – let’s go!

Daily-Datsun-Door-handle (8)

Oh, here’s what you’ll need to tighten up a 280z door handle:
– 8mm wrench
– philips screw driver
– flat head screw driver
– paperclip or allen wrench (to get the window crank cotter pin out)

Per the S30 service manual, take off the arm rest, window crank, door escutcheon plate, and don’t forget the door lock post (just twist to take that off). Using something flat, gently pry off the door panel.

Daily-Datsun-Door-handle (7)     

Once you have that door panel off, window all the way up, you’ll be able to see the two nuts holding the door handle in. Use that 8mm wrench.

Daily-Datsun-Door-handle (5)Daily-Datsun-Door-handle (3)

In the meantime, I also able to finally glue the vinyl covering and lube up the door lock mechanisms.

Daily-Datsun-Door-handle (6)Daily-Datsun-Door-handle (2)

When put back together – that door couldn’t close sweeter, and the door handle is perfect.

Daily-Datsun-Door-handle (1)

Eh.. now for the reason why I noticed this in the first place was the paint chip caused by the loose door handle…eventually have to get to all these stupid paint chips.

4 Replies to “Handle the Door Handle”

    1. Hey Jeremy! I know for OEM they have some black icky-sticky stuff (you’ll see it when you open the door panel, but I just used crazy glue gel instead. Crazy glue will seep a little bit into the press board, and melt/dissolve a tiny bit of the vinyl. In retrospect, glue gun or even rubber cement might even work.

      1. Ah, ok. I’ll probably just wait to deal with the vinyl; maybe I’ll stumble across something good. Glad to see another bay area Z taken care of!

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