Old Parked Cars – the blog

Just found another great blog on old cars called, Old Parked Cars.

Two brother, Ben and Tony Piff, snap photos of… you guessed it, old parked cars. It’s great.

Seemingly within this rural town in Oregon, they spot old cars everywhere they go, and going on 4 years of it! From Alfa to SAAB, Buick to Dodge, they’ve managed to see rust buckets to gems – and none without at least just a little bit of character. And yes, they’ve snapped Datsuns. Below is a link just with the Datsun tag, but check out their entire site too – some wicked fun stuff on there.


In addition to Bring-A-Trailer and Craiglist, Old Parked Cars will certainly become part of my morning read. Here’s some from Datsuns from the site:

’71 Datsun 1200 Fastback

’64 Datsun L320

’76 Datsun F10 Hatchback

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