Stopped on San Tomas…

Yep, I got stopped on San Tomas… by an enthusiastic guy rolling in his silver Izuzu Trooper. He was yelling out something, but my window was up – blast manual windows. After getting it open at a stop light, we had a side to side car chat about Z’s. He remarked what a great 280z car I had and that he’s the owner of a ’71 240 Z for which he’s done all the drive train work on. Cheers to another Z kept on the streets, and out of the scrapper! :]

2 Replies to “Stopped on San Tomas…”

  1. That was me! Your car looks awesome. soon my Z will be my daily datsun too! Lets keep the trooper on the down low though -_- lol . I’m done with the drive train, and suspension. Now its time for sand blasting , body work , and paint ! I can send some pics if you’d like.

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