Zpotted: Daily Datsun

Hahaha I’ve been zpotted – thnx Dana!


Earlier yesterday, while picking up bacon at the corner mexican market, the owner mentioned he used to have a Datsun Z. “Man, I used to have one, ran real good. I regret selling it – my friend kept asking me to sell to him, and once I did, I asked myself ‘why did I just do that?’..”

Later that day we stopped by an open house, and as we were leaving the selling realtor remarked, “hey you want the house just put the car in as part of the deal”.

I think it’s summertime.

Record breaking day…

Record breaking day…for compliments!

Today was the 280Z’s day, as we got 3 street comments on it’s dashing good looks.

“Such a beautiful Z man.. what what is that? a 280? bet it’s a 280, huh? yeah it’s got great paint on it too..yeah that’s nice” – mustache-man-on-ape-hanger-bicycle. sigh, only in san jose, right? :]

Heading home, I rolled by a guy in a Corvair… guess who it was?! Mel from Mel’s Vairmart (he worked on our ’63 Corvair). We exchanged a few words at subsequent lights – him liking my ’77, and me commenting on his ’66. Then I mentioned we had a ’63. He looked at me with a “i thought i’d seen you before” smile, “hey then i’m probably sure i know you..”. “Are you Mel!? Yeah yeah you met my brother!” He seems like a character. He rolled behind me, and sent that white top down on the brown – sweet.


On the leg through downtown, I stopped at light next to a dude in a van; elbow hanging out. His stare was melting through his shades, slowly eyeing the front corner panel and making his way to back. I ducked down so i could see him from the passenger side window, and let out a protective, ‘hey’. Like a ‘hey, get your dirty eyes off’ kinda ‘hey’. “Nice car.” *shutter* I swear that light couldn’t turn green fast enough. I thought for sure any minute he was gonna chloroform the Z, and throw’em in the back of his Westfalia.

Something to sleep on…


Know where this is from? You may know this piece from 240z and 260z seat covers but it’s not where this one came from. I found this at a mattress recycling facility! Incredible that a 1970’s Japanese car shares parts with a mattress. If Datsun / Nissan made mattresses…what would a Z mattress be like? Sleep on that!