Record breaking day…

Record breaking day…for compliments!

Today was the 280Z’s day, as we got 3 street comments on it’s dashing good looks.

“Such a beautiful Z man.. what what is that? a 280? bet it’s a 280, huh? yeah it’s got great paint on it too..yeah that’s nice” – mustache-man-on-ape-hanger-bicycle. sigh, only in san jose, right? :]

Heading home, I rolled by a guy in a Corvair… guess who it was?! Mel from Mel’s Vairmart (he worked on our ’63 Corvair). We exchanged a few words at subsequent lights – him liking my ’77, and me commenting on his ’66. Then I mentioned we had a ’63. He looked at me with a “i thought i’d seen you before” smile, “hey then i’m probably sure i know you..”. “Are you Mel!? Yeah yeah you met my brother!” He seems like a character. He rolled behind me, and sent that white top down on the brown – sweet.


On the leg through downtown, I stopped at light next to a dude in a van; elbow hanging out. His stare was melting through his shades, slowly eyeing the front corner panel and making his way to back. I ducked down so i could see him from the passenger side window, and let out a protective, ‘hey’. Like a ‘hey, get your dirty eyes off’ kinda ‘hey’. “Nice car.” *shutter* I swear that light couldn’t turn green fast enough. I thought for sure any minute he was gonna chloroform the Z, and throw’em in the back of his Westfalia.

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