Shift knob repair

Pretty much since day 1 (Oct of 2011), the shift knob of the 280z has been loose…and eventually flat out threaded.

On a occasion, I’d be in the zone (or maybe secretly racing the car next to me), and in a shifting fury find the shift knob flung off, bouncing around the cabin. sigh!

There are plenty of OEM retro looking Z shift knobs from Motorsport Auto, and a more after market junk you can fill it’s trunk with – so the choice is yours. However, in true Daily Datsun mentality, ‘why replace when you can refurbish’. And of course i wouldn’t mind using the same since it came with the car – call it owner’s nostalgia. :]

With help from my brother Kris, we were able to do just that.

Since the threads of the shift knob were all threaded and gone, it made cleaning out easy. He used a spare stock rod of some hard plastic, hammer-press fit it into the existing hole, and threaded it with a M8x1.25 tap. Add washer with nut, and we’re good to go!

Check it out – brand new again. Shift on!


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