Smog time, sort of

It’s been two years and that “Stop!” DMV letter came in the mail – gotta get the 280z smogged!

Again, thanks CA for requiring cars 1976 and up to be smog certified. 🙂

Well so I’m back at Smog Tech Test Only (Nov ’11). Since we passed with flying colors (actually barely passing colors) thought I’d give them some repeat business…but looks like they don’t want me.

Their website says open on Sat 8am, yelp says 9am, guy next door says “usually comes in now (9:25am)… But it’s 9:30am (as of this sentence) and still no show.

Guess they didn’t want me.. Or the Stingray that also showed up. And left.



Datsun Rally Z Car: Under Restoration

Just recently I spotted one of the Safari Rally Z cars in an ad, and what do you know, one’s being restored!

Announced at Nissan 360, the Nissan Restoration Club will be restoring a rally racing legend. The Nissan Restoration Club has completed several notable projects in the past, and continues to make it their mission to restore and preserve the notable vehicles in Nissan motorsport history.

Thanks Kris for the info!


240z on BAT

Yesterday morning greeted us with a smile: there was a 240z on Bring-a-trailer!

This silver 240z is currently for sale in VA, and a shining example of a modernized 240z. Just check out the pics on the original post from VADriven. This Datsun 240z is super clean clean clean, and neatly done (check the underside pic and the near perfect gap lines). It’s got the usual goodies: 5-speed, fender mirrors, strut tower bar, new bushings and BRE styled front air dam; plus some additional stuff that you don’t see everyday (carbon fiber tail light bezel / wing, tons of new gauges, and push button start). You can certainly get a LOT of ideas when scoping out other’s visions of their rides.


Daily-Datsun-VADriven-240z-3  Daily-Datsun-VADriven-240z-2 Daily-Datsun-VADriven-240z-6 Daily-Datsun-VADriven-240z-5 Daily-Datsun-VADriven-240z-4


Still available for sale @ $14,000.

Source: Bring-a-trailerVADriven

Zpotted: blue 280zx 2+2

Rolling down the street into downtown…
Those tail lights are unmistakable! 🙂


Blue 280zx 2+2! Woot woot! Ultra clean with two tone paint. He spotted me first as he was ready with a thumbs up when i rolled up!

Drove with him for a block before he turned off.