Smog time, sort of

It’s been two years and that “Stop!” DMV letter came in the mail – gotta get the 280z smogged!

Again, thanks CA for requiring cars 1976 and up to be smog certified. 🙂

Well so I’m back at Smog Tech Test Only (Nov ’11). Since we passed with flying colors (actually barely passing colors) thought I’d give them some repeat business…but looks like they don’t want me.

Their website says open on Sat 8am, yelp says 9am, guy next door says “usually comes in now (9:25am)… But it’s 9:30am (as of this sentence) and still no show.

Guess they didn’t want me.. Or the Stingray that also showed up. And left.



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8 responses to “Smog time, sort of

  • John Barber

    Where can I send pics to you please?

  • Michael

    Can you get away with having a header in California? I’m headed that way and it’s definitely not setup for CA

    • justinyee

      a header? You mean like an exhaust header? It depends on the year of the car really… 1975 and back, you can pretty much do anything you want because it doesn’t require smog. Now if you have a 1976 and up, you’ll have to smog, which means they’ll do a once over on the engine bay. With that said, I’m not sure they’ll know (or care) if you put a newer / trick exhaust header on, but you certainly can’t change an EFI setup to a carb setup, or swap engines completely. What car do you have?

  • Michael

    exhaust header, it’s a 280. Hopefully I can find a shop that doesn’t look to hard, but I have no idea how it will fair when they shove the tester up the exhaust. I know they sell some products that say it will get any car to pass smog. Might have to try that. It doesn’t have a cat either, going to have to add one of those too.

    • justinyee

      Supposedly there are test stations that’ll do a “pre-test” so the test doesn’t go in the system, and you can check how your car fairs… that might be an option if you’re un-sure. Then you’ll know either way what you have to do to get it up to pass.

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