Merry Christmas & Happy New Years!

Merry Christmas and… wait for it… Happy New Years! (Thanks auto-publisher for posting this at the stroke of midnight! haha)

Look what Santa dropped off for the 280z this year:

Energy Suspension’s 7.18102G Master Kit for Datsun!! wwwaahh!

Yes, a full polyurethane bushing set for the Datsun 280z. Complete. Masterful. Sure to add on multiple hours of labor to put them all on…and get all the old crusty rubber ones off.. oy..

If Santa didn’t see your Z in the driveway, you can pick up your own at Amazon for about $160.

Zpotted: 2 in one day!

Whoa Ho Ho!
Spotted two S30 chassis Datsun Z cars today! One black 260 came up on my left as my light turned green (able to snap a glimpse). And one silver on iconic Panasports just around the corner from Santa Clara Univ.


CL Post: 72 datsun 240z “need gone”

Part of the daily routine? Hop onto to craigslist and if warranted, shout out the latest Datsun deals to my wife (not that she cares, but she’s the only one around listening).

Man, the price on this gem is soooo hard to pass up… READ: $1500. Yes, $1500.
$1500 for a 240z. Just going by the pics, probably some body rust, but doesn’t look like body damage. Front bumper looks aligned. Enkei rims. Body panels straight. And judging by the black truck in the garage, probably coming from someone who knows something about cars.

Maybe I’ll take a look…just a look.

In case the post is gone, direct from Craigslist:

image 1image 2image 3

1972 datsun 240z manual transmission

i love the car but i have to sell it.
reg just expired but will be cheap.
the car will drive bu the rear coilovers need to be installed.the fronts were already done.i havent touched the car since i got it, only drove it a little but i dont have any time to work on it.
please call me at …
price is firm and well worth it.
thank you for your time..