Comment: “Love that car, man”

Outside the grocery market, a gentleman in his late 50’s remarked: “Love that car, man”.

I should’ve asked him his story, did he drive one before? Did he own one? I always wonder if a percentage goes home and starts looking for one.

I was just at the DMV and a father stopped to chat with me as his son was getting behind the wheel in their Jaguar… He had a 260 2+2 and has many memories of it. I said, “my wife wants us to get a more reliable car..” And to his reply, “no, no, keep driving it”.

Zpotted: in Boston…

Another Z zpotted in Boston…Home..magazine! Haha
Yep, flipping though a great (super inspiring), free (ad filled), magazine about Boston home decoration and businesses – lo and behoooooold there’s a Z.


The Datsun Z: prolific.