Comment: “Love that car, man”

Outside the grocery market, a gentleman in his late 50’s remarked: “Love that car, man”.

I should’ve asked him his story, did he drive one before? Did he own one? I always wonder if a percentage goes home and starts looking for one.

I was just at the DMV and a father stopped to chat with me as his son was getting behind the wheel in their Jaguar… He had a 260 2+2 and has many memories of it. I said, “my wife wants us to get a more reliable car..” And to his reply, “no, no, keep driving it”.

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3 responses to “Comment: “Love that car, man”

  • Gary

    Funny. I have a 78 and when I get to take it out, everywhere I go, I either get asked about it or I get the same types of comments. My wife is amazed of how many people comment on it. I’ve gotten older guys, to young kids just ready to start driving. I’m 43, my dad had a 76 when I was about 8 or 9 and when I was old enough to drive I had it for about a year or two, then the rust just overtook it. Always knew I’d get another.
    When I turned 40, I purchased an 06 350z roadster. Still have her and bought the 78 two years ago to go with it. I drive the 78 more. Love the car, and where I’m from, NJ…I rarely see another except if I go to the car club events.

    It’s great meeting people that have the same love for the car and hear their stories…oh, I had one in the late 70’s..I remember my girlfriend used to drive her dads..etc.

    They always end with…I wish I still had that car!

    Live your blog. Keep it up.

    • justinyee

      haha thanks Gary! great to hear your story too. it’s quite amazing that the classic Z stands the test of time. I hear you about not seeing another in the east coast… growing up, I don’t ever remember seeing one. Glad you’re representing in Jersey!

  • svMike

    Keep driving it indeed. Was the same for my Z before it went up on jackstands; everyone comments, has a story about it wants to know about it. Keep it up!

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