Still feels like a brand new car.

I was heading back home from an appointment, when i noticed the miles counting down… 99991….99992
ok, ok, i’m not too far from home, maybe i’ll make it to my driveway…

shoot.. only at 280 / 87 (or somewhere around there)

ah ah! where’s my phone? okok recording… where’s the light, ok, light on


what? why are you turning off?! no no, wheres my car charger? WHERE?!

99999… 00000!

woohoo! after pulling over the side of the road, fumbling for the charger in excitement, I was able to record my first mile. Sigh, my first 100k ever.


6 Replies to “100k!”

  1. That’s awesome Justin! I did the same with my 280zx’s 200k mile mark. Obviously I didn’t do all those miles but my dad had done 193K, and I finished off the rest.

    By the way man I have some 6-1 ceramic coated headers for sale for a Z engine in case you’re interested! I’m swapping out my engine for an l28 that has the round port and the headers I never used were square port :-/

    1. Very cool!!
      Will the headers fit on an E31 head?
      I’m thinking about replacing my headers…if the price is right I might be interested.

    2. Hey sorry for the late reply Jonathan – haha 200k! that’s awesome!

      I actually have the MSA’s 6-2-1, and i’ve yet to put them on… once i get all the engine stuff sorted, i’ll be putting them on for sure.

  2. Hey Justin, just stumpled upon your site. I just picked up a 260z.
    Keep up the good work on the car and the site. Learning lots through your blog.

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